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Walk-in Wardrobes

Walk In Wardrobes are the height of luxury for clothing storage solutions and combine flexibility with practicality to ensure there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. Walk In Wardrobes can be manufactured in a number of finishes such as Oak or Walnut veneer. Like fitted wardrobes. they can include drawer storage, footwear solutions, trouser or tie racks & accessory storage.


For additional information on our range of walk-in wardrobes, get in contact with Ornan Kitchens and Wardrobes today.

Ornan Kitchens and Wardrobes’s Walk-In Wardrobes

Our fully customisable walk-in wardrobes can be accessed from your bedroom through a single door, the walk-in wardrobe utilises the room’s full potential, one that feels fresh, functional and indeed accommodating to all of your storage needs.

How you chose to implement our extensive range of internal walk-in wardrobe systems, to compliment your room, will depend greatly on your personal requirements. Happily, our design team will walk you through the colour options and styles, always aware that we are making your wardrobes for you, to fit in with your lifestyle requirements and just as importantly, fit in with your budget.


Keep in mind that your walk-in wardrobes should not consist solely of clothes rails for long garments, dresses or shirts. Yet by mixing it up with the addition of internal drawers; for ease of access of concealed small items please consider shelving; not only for pullovers and trousers and bulky woollens but as storage for makeup, perfume and cologne. With the addition of a full-length mirror attached to the back of the door or an open expanse of wall. The variations are limitless.

To discuss our fully customisable range of walk-in wardrobe options, get in contact with our offices today. 046 9055881

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