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Home Utilities

Ornan Kitchens & Wardrobes have found an increase in separate rooms fitted out for a washing machine, tumble dryer and a chest freezer or tall freezer. With recycling now a priority in all Irish Home Utility rooms are the ideal area for incorporating a specific zone for your recycling plastics, paper, glass & tin products. Consideration should be made whether you wish to have your washing machine and tumble dryer raised off of the ground.

Hiatus hernias are very painful but very common complaint found mostly in women. Due to countless years spent bending over washing machines a hernia is developed in the thorax, a very uncomfortable complaint in deed. By raising your appliances off of the ground at work top level, greatly reduces the occurrence of this horrible complaint. In Europe it is a common occurrence to find tumble dryers stacked above the washing machine, allowing you to utilise on your available space.

The Home Utility can be Stylish as well as practical.

PVC doors are those that Ornan Kitchens & Wardrobes clients usually choose. But it is not unheard of to have Solid Wood and even In-Frame Kitchen doors being used in Home Utility rooms. Polyvinyl chloride, commonly abbreviated to PVC, is one of the most widely used plastics in the world. It offers a diverse and varied range of properties and contributes significantly to the modern lifestyles that we all enjoy. Coloured vinyl or wood grain pattern PVC also called Thermofoil is adhered to MDF door panels by means of heat and vacuum forming of the Thermofoil to the cabinet doors. Painted kitchen doors as the name implies are solid wood doors painted over to your specific requirements.

Here in Ornan Kitchens & Wardrobes we have a state of the art spray booth where we use a two pack paint system. Two-pack paint is ideal for use in Home Utilities with a wipe clean hard wearing surface as it is a high quality and durable paint. Finally In-Frame kitchen doors are bespoke luxurious solid wood doors that are hand crafted and set into a frame, giving the doors a flat flush finish. Doors made to any size suitable to match the tastes of the most discerning client. Always evocative In-Frame kitchens have a touch of class, an inner beauty that steels the eye of all who look upon it.

A Home Utility designed for any space and appliances.

Home Utilities are essential to Ornan Kitchens & Wardrobes range of hand made cabinetry work. End panels, detailed one & two piece cornice and light pelmets add up to create a fresh & functional Home Utility of quality and charm. What ever the space, the environment or the budget Ornan Kitchens & Wardrobes highly trained team of expert cabinetmakers and designers will ensure a hassle-free process from start to finish. Averaging on a two to three week turn around each Home Utility is built to our highest standards of excellence through to completion. Which means you will be standing in your new utility room sooner than you imagined.




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