Walk-in Wardrobes

Walk in wardrobes utilise smaller rooms that Ornan Kitchens & Bedrooms find are becoming more popular especially where extensions are being added to homes. We provide a variety of finishes that will answer the need for the flexible walk in wardrobe solution, enabling you to define your individuality and compliment the adjacent sleeping space.

The appeal of Walk in Wardobes.

The great appeal of walk in wardrobes relates to the knock-on effect of how the size of your bedroom increases offering a myriad of decorating options for the now bigger room. Revitalising your bedroom, which once more becomes the relaxing room you can feel completely at ease in, sophisticated, sleek and spacious.

Ornan Kitchens & Bedrooms will fit out the Walk in wardrobe to your unique needs, and as the closet may be accessed from your bedroom through a single door, the walk in wardrobe utilises the room’s full potential one that feels fresh, functional and indeed accommodating to all of your storage needs.

How you chose to implement Ornan Kitchens & Wardrobes extensive range of internal systems to compliment your room will depend greatly on your personal requirements. Happily our design team will walk you through the colour options and styles, always aware that we are making your wardrobes for you, to fit in with your lifestyle requirements and just as importantly, fit in with your budget.

Keep in mind that your walk in wardrobes should not consist solely of clothes rails for long garments, dresses or shirts. Yet by mixing it up with the addition of internal drawers; for ease of access of concealed small items please consider shelving; not only for pullovers and trousers and bulky woollens, but as storage for makeup, perfume and cologne. With the addition of a full length mirror attached to the back of the door or an open expanse of wall. The variations are limitless.

Walk in Wardrobes made to your exact specification.

Ornan Kitchens & Wardrobes offer a free wardrobe design consultation where we listen intently to our client’s requests. What ever the environment, the space or the budget Ornan Kitchens & Wardobes’ highly trained team of expert cabinetmakers and designers will ensure a hassle-free process from start to finish. Averaging on a two week turn around each wardrobe option is built to our highest standards of excellence. Which means you will be sleeping soundly in your new luxurious bedroom sooner than you dreamed of.




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