Sliding Wardrobes

sliding wardrobes

Sliding Wardrobes

Sliding wardrobes are made to your specific requirements and can also incorporate internal drawers systems, these though are built in behind full height sliding doors, allowing a “walk way” or clearance space to be greatly reduced in front of the door opening. This then makes Sliding Wardrobes an ideal solution for a narrow bedroom as your bed can be closer to the Sliding Wardrobes and yet you still have ease of access. By incorporating full mirrored door panels, Ornan Kitchens & Bedrooms find they create a bigger space, making your comfortable bedroom open up and feel more luxurious and inviting.

Sliding Wardrobes for all your storage needs.

Where once a small stand alone wardrobe stood over filled with perhaps a suitcase and books collecting dust on its top Sliding wardrobes will accommodate all of your storage needs and more. Ornan Kitchens & Bedrooms provide a variety of finishes that will define your individuality and place your personal stamp on your sleeping space. Revitalising your bedroom, which once more becomes the relaxing room you feel completely at ease in, sophisticated, sleek and spacious crafted by Ornan Kitchens & Bedrooms.

Your Sliding wardrobes should not consist solely of clothes rails for long garments, dresses or shirts. Mix it up with internal drawers for concealed ease of access of small items as well as shelves; not only for pullovers and trousers and bulky woollens, but as tidy away storage for magazines, books, makeup and cologne, instantly visible once the sliding wardrobe doors glide to one side.

Ornan Kitchens & Bedrooms have an extensive range of Sliding Wardrobes and internal systems to compliment your room and your requirements and our design team will happily walk you through the colour options and doors styles, always aware that we are making your wardrobes for you, to fit in with your lifestyle requirements and just as importantly, fit in with your budget.

Sliding Wardrobes to suit your budget.

Ornan Kitchens & Wardrobes offer free wardrobe design consultations where we listen intently to our clients requests. What ever the environment, the space or the budget Ornan Kitchens & Bedrooms’ highly trained team of expert cabinetmakers and designers will ensure a hassle-free process from start to finish. Averaging on a two week turn around each wardrobe option is built to our highest standards of excellence. Which means you will be sleeping soundly in your new luxurious bedroom sooner than you imagined.




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