In-frame Kitchens

in-frame kitchens

in-frame kitchens

Bespoke luxurious solid wood doors that are hand crafted and set into a frame, giving the doors a flat flush finish. Doors made to any size suitable to match the tastes of the most discerning client. Always evocative In-frame kitchens have a touch of class, an inner beauty that steels the eye of all who look upon it. Why though, do in-frame kitchens have this effect on clients?  Here in Ornan Kitchens & Wardrobes when a client visits our show room they immediately drift over to our In-frame Kitchen display. Hands reach out and can not help but touch the painted solid ash woodwork, open and shut the soft close doors and drawers and then turn and express with eyes or voice the instant appeal our In-Frame Kitchen has upon them.

Solid Wood In-frame Kitchens

The beauty of solid wood is the unique qualities of grain, warmth, richness of colours and its tactile nature. By blending this to combine with the front panel of the kitchen cabinetry, the pureness and integrity of the wood is magnified. The eye is drawn instantly to it, leaving the many appliances, granite worktops and decorative paraphernalia in second place breath-taking and beautiful as they may be, the elegant detailed workmanship shines like a beacon of light for ever drawing you to its many facets.

Specifically, with the final desired look of our many clients In-frame Kitchens, painted over solid wood doors are requested. Ornan Kitchens & Wardrobes offer our own in-factory painting service. We have a state of the art spray booth where we use a two pack paint system. Two-pack paint is ideal for use in kitchens with a wipe clean hard wearing surface as it is a high quality and durable paint. Two-pack, Twin Pack, or ‘2K’ as it’s sometimes known, is a type of automotive paint which has been around for years now, replacing the old cellulose, and is widely used on both production cars and in modern repair body shops and by modern Kitchen manufacturers. When Two-Pack has cured it is also much harder than cellulose and tends to resist petrol, acid rain, sunlight etc. much better than cellulose, for CELLULOSE based paint oxidises and goes dull over a long period, or even develops a milky haze.

Prestigious Colours for In-frame Kitchens

Ornan Kitchens & Wardrobes are constantly matching colours from the prestigious Farrow & Ball colour range. A colour range used extensively by interior designers and decorators that has a comprehensive chart to compliment everyone’s taste and enhance the home.

In-frame Kitchens are intrinsic to Ornan Kitchens & Wardrobes range of bespoke cabinetry work. Solid wood doors, tongue and groove end panels, solid wood two and three piece cornice along with many variations of fluted or dental rails as well as solid wood light pelmets, criss cross wine racks, detailed solid wood turnings along side our “signature piece” an off of the worktop Feature Fireplace Canopy, add up to create an In-Frame Kitchen of timeless grandeur.

What ever the space, the environment or the budget Ornan Kitchens & Wardrobes highly trained team of expert cabinetmakers and designers will ensure a hassle-free process from start to finish. Averaging on a six to seven week turn around each In-Frame Kitchen is built to our highest standards of excellence through to completion. Which means you will be entertaining guests in your new resplendent kitchen sooner than you imagined.




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